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    With new games of all sizes filling real and digital shelves every week, it can be near impossible for anyone to keep up. So during the first week of every month, we’ll be here to help with a curated selection of new, notable games we think should be on everyone’s radar for the month ahead.

    Octopath Traveler July 13—Switch

    Octopath Traveler July 13—Switch

    Octopath Traveler is a title that’s both bizarre and surprisingly literal. Following in the footsteps of (and sharing a few key developers with) Bravely Default , this is Square Enix’s latest throwback to its early RPGs, a stunning combination of 2D characters and polygonal environments where players can choose to travel the path of one of eight unique characters. The game has had two lengthy demos hit the Switch already, both of which showed off its striking writing and demanding turn-based battles.

    Pool Panic July 19—Switch, Windows

    Adult Swim has published a ton of releases at this point, but few have screamed “Adult Swim” quite like Pool Panic , a game that’s irreverent and stylishly illustrated and stars billiard balls with wild toothy grins. It bills itself as “the world’s least realistic pool simulator,” and from all reports, that’s pretty accurate. The designs of its many levels start off looking like a pretty faithful pool game (albeit with anthropomorphic balls) but grow in wildly different directions, building goofy new scenarios and puzzles around the rules of pool.

    The Banner Saga 3 July 24—PlayStation 4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One

    Stoic Studio’s Banner Saga trilogy is coming to a close this month. The Norse-flavored series is known as much for its gorgeous hand-drawn art as its bleak struggle for survival, and the third and final game in the series might be the bleakest yet. It’ll split your time between two parties of desperate refugees facing down the end of the world: one struggling to keep the last human city from crumbling, the other venturing into an alternate-reality of The Darkness that’s enveloping the world.

    Sleep Tight July 26—Switch, Windows

    Sleep Tight is the first game from We Are Fuzzy, where the development team includes folks who’ve worked on projects like Far Cry , League Of Legends , and a few Disney animated films. It’s that cartoon experience that’s most obvious when taking a look at the game, which turns a kid’s fear of the dark and imagined bedroom warfare into a series of battles against some goofy monsters that look like they could’ve fallen out of a Pixar movie.

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    Season 2 of Thomas Sabo Charm pendant heart 086100112 Thomas Sabo OcJI0z
    came to a sweeping, dramatic close in tonight's season finale, "The Passenger," and you could be forgiven for losing track of all the twists and turns. The finale features scenes from at least Bear expandable cardholder Anya Hindmarch tLEEi5Sv5
    ,frequently switching between them, and also moves back and forth between reality and virtual reality with only an aspect ratio change to help the audience keep track of which reality they're looking at.One character turns out to be a hallucination, another character turns out to have secretly been a different character,and "The Door" turns out to be a digital gateway to host heaven.


    The second season of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's cerebral sci-fi show has had a great deal of build-up to the reveals in the season finale, and as all of the series' characters finally converge in the Valley Beyond, plot threads and story arcs are resolved in quick succession - while a few are still left dangling for season 3 to deal with. Here's a breakdown of all the revelations, dramatic reveals, tragic deaths and tantalizing season 3 hints in the Westworld season 2 finale.

    This Page: The Forge and the Valley Beyond Page 2: Womens Diorabstract Ap Sunglasses Shd Opl Powder 58 Dior bTV82d6

    We already had a decent idea of what was inside "The Forge" prior to the finale. Using the hats that are handed out to every guest at the start of their Westworld visit, Delos had been Cashmere Silk Scarf White Winter by VIDA VIDA mR7BGwI8
    and filing away their "code" in a virtual library. Peter Abernathy's control unit contains an encryption key that unlocks The Forge and also grants access to The Door and the Valley Beyond (more on them in a moment), which is why Delos was so desperate to get their hands on it. The copies of the guests' minds are hugely valuable, and Delos COO Karl Strand will stop at nothing to transmit this data to a satellite and send it back to the mainland. Unfortunately for Karl, one of the books that Dolores reads in The Forge is the one containing the code for his mind.

    Inside The Forge is an AI with the appearance of Logan Delos, who was created using James Delos' memories of his son. As Logan takes them on a tour of the virtual environment, we see many different versions of James Delos - all of which share one particular inevitability in common: every one of them turns Logan away when he showed up strung-out at the Delos mansion, and it proves to be the last conversation James Delos has with his son before Logan dies of an overdose six months later. Host-Logan explains that this is the moment that defines James Delos,because there is no version of his life where he chooses to save his son - calling into question the very nature of human free will.

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