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Canada cashmere scarf Acne Studios zqfdO0SE
Canada cashmere scarf Acne Studios
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These ward skins have been significantly tested and researched, with our data demonstrating a 389% reduction in unsportsmanlike behavior.

The 2017 season ends November 7 at 23:59 local time. A game has to start before 23:59 to count towards your final ranking. However, the final Challenger ladder standing locks at 23:45, so make sure your game ends by then if you’re chasing those top spots!

The 2018 season starts January 16, 2018.

All rewards arrive within one month of the end of season (some rewards may appear faster than others, so don’t worry if you don’t get them all at once).

If you don’t own Graves and you hit Gold+, we’ll unlock Graves alongside his skin for you.

Yeah! In case you're wondering about the non-ranked queues, check out the chart below. For example, if you get Gold in Flex, but Silver in Solo/duo, what border shows when you play a Normal SR? Or ARAM?

Nope, sorry. You gotta put in the time!

You’ll find everything you need to know on the Preseason 2018 site .

Your rank won’t decay during preseason and you can still play through promotions and demotions (we’re turning rank decay off during preseason). When the new season starts, you’ll play 10 placement games and get seeded into a rank based on your MMR and placement performance.

Valentino Garavani floral polka dot scarf Pink amp; Purple Valentino lJ4iZg3
, certain players are ineligible for this season’s rewards:

- Players with bans or chat restrictions active when the season ends. - Players issued a ban of seven days or more after 8/22/2017. - Players banned for boosting during the 2017 season.

Players who experience fraud-related or erroneous bans will still be eligible.

We heard your feedback on last year’s program. Quality, registration time, and shipping were all major pain points -- so we want to go back to the drawing board with physical Challenger rewards and make sure we can create something that feels good while also being practical to ship worldwide. We’ll have more info on this later this year.

Have questions not answered here? Check out this Boards post and ask our Player Support team!

Boards post


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While Victorious Graves is still locked at Gold, we wanted to spread rewards out to encourage your Silver V mid laner to actually use these things (for once).

to encourage your Silver V mid laner to actually use these things (for once).



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We can help you fill out recruit questionnaires, control your recruit profile, and share videos.


Fill out recruit questionnaires.


Manage the profile that coaches see.


Confirm your event information.


Upload and share videos with coaches.

Visiting a program’s website and filling out their online recruiting questionnaire is a great way to get on a coach’s radar screen. Nearly every program has an online recruiting questionnaire that you can find on their athletic website. Depending on how big your school list is, that could add up to filling out a lot of questionnaires and using up valuable time.

Use Recruit Spot to quickly fill out questionnaires...

When you see this on a questionnaire you can sign in using Recruit Spot and your profile information will automatically appear.

...access and update them at any time!

Completed questionnaires are saved to your Recruit Spot profile where you can update them and alert coaches.

Recruit Spot is already being used on questionnaires by thousands of college programs!

8000+ questionnaires and counting!

Use Recruit Spot to quickly fill out questionnaires...

When you see this on a questionnaire you can sign in using Recruit Spot and your profile information will automatically appear.

...access and update them at any time!

Completed questionnaires are saved to your Recruit Spot profile where you can update them and alert coaches.

8000+ questionnaires and counting!

Now that you have filled out some questionnaires and made your way into a coach’s system, you have created a recruiting profile for yourself. Coaches build on these profiles and track their recruits using various software products. Recruit Spot connects directly with these products giving you the power to control and manage the information coaches see.

Recruit Spot connects to software products that are used by thousands of coaches.

Front Rush is used by more coaches than any other recruiting software.

over 20,000

Coaches use Coach Packet to scout and evaluate recruits at events.

over 8,000

Use Recruit Spot to create and distribute your profile

Use Recruit Spot to create and distribute your profile

When you edit and update your Recruit Spot profile, coaches see the changes immediately.

What’s the best way for coaches to really see what you’re made of? Seeing you play! Put your game face on, get out there and make yourself stand out. Coaches are always at events looking for their next star. Recruit Spot ensures that coaches have the most accurate and up to date information available on you!

Use Recruit Spot to verify your event information

Use Recruit Spot to verify your event information

Wearing a new jersey number? No problem. You can change it right in Recruit Spot. When you are in charge of the event information that coaches see, you can be sure that it is accurate and up to date.

Wearing a new jersey number? No problem. You can change it right in Recruit Spot. When you are in charge of the event information that coaches see, you can be sure that it is accurate and up to date.

Is my information correct?
What time is my next game?
What coaches are here?

Recruit Spot directly connects to every event that uses Coach Packet.

Strangely, however, about a third of the animals and people who experience inescapable shocks or noise never become helpless. What is it about them that makes this so? Over 15 years of study, my colleagues and I discovered that the answer is optimism. We developed questionnaires and analyzed the content of verbatim speech and writing to assess “explanatory style” as optimistic or pessimistic. We discovered that people who don’t give up have a habit of interpreting setbacks as temporary, local, and changeable. (“It’s going away quickly; it’s just this one situation, and I can do something about it.”) That suggested how we might immunize people against learned helplessness, against depression and anxiety, and against giving up after failure: by teaching them to think like optimists. We created the Penn Resiliency Program , under the direction of Karen Reivich and Jane Gillham, of the University of Pennsylvania, for young adults and children. The program has been replicated in 21 diverse school settings—ranging from suburbs to inner cities, from Philadelphia to Beijing. We also created a 10-day program in which teachers learn techniques for becoming more optimistic in their own lives and how to teach those techniques to their students. We’ve found that it reduces depression and anxiety in the children under their care. (Another way we teach positive psychology is through the master of applied positive psychology, or , degree program, now in its sixth year at Penn.)

In November 2008, when the legendary General George W. Casey, Jr., the army chief of staff and former commander of the multinational force in Iraq, asked me what positive psychology had to say about soldiers’ problems, I offered a simple answer: How human beings react to extreme adversity is normally distributed. On one end are the people who fall apart into PTSD, depression, and even suicide. In the middle are most people, who at first react with symptoms of depression and anxiety but within a month or so are, by physical and psychological measures, back where they were before the trauma. That is resilience. On the other end are people who show post-traumatic growth. They, too, first experience depression and anxiety, often exhibiting full-blown PTSD, but within a year they are better off than they were before the trauma. These are the people of whom Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

I told General Casey that the army could shift its distribution toward the growth end by teaching psychological skills to stop the downward spiral that often follows failure. He ordered the organization to measure resilience and teach positive psychology to create a force as fit psychologically as it is physically. This $145 million initiative, under the direction of Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum, is called Comprehensive Soldier Fitness (CSF) and consists of three components: a test for psychological fitness, self-improvement courses available following the test, and “master resilience training” (MRT) for drill sergeants. These are based on PERMA: positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment—the building blocks of resilience and growth.


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While there are plenty of scouts that believe Kelly is too undersized to succeed at the NFL level, Los Angeles wasn’t going to let this factor stand in the way of bringing the rookie on board. After seeing the toughness Kelly brings to the table as a runner along with the way he’s able to work his way through defenders, it’s exciting to think about the kind of plays that McVay is going to draw up for his new backup running back.

Obviously, just because Kelly is part of the picture doesn’t mean there’s any reason for Gurley to be concerned since there’s a reason why the former Georgia star finished second last season to Tom Brady in the MVP race. If anything, Gurley and the Rams should be thrilled over the addition of Kelly to help take some of the pressure off the workhorse in the backfield, even if it doesn’t always seem like he needs it.

Next: 3 reasons to love Joseph Noteboom selection

Numbers wise, Kelly may not stick out like some of the other running backs from this year’s draft class, but also keep in mind there’s a reason why he was originally projected to fall in the fourth round. All things considered, Los Angeles must have been thrilled to see Kelly still available at the beginning of the sixth round, and not only will this addition benefit Gurley, but also provide Malcolm Brown with a little competition for the backup role.

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